Ecological Restoration

With knowledge and experience in the science of coastal ecological resource areas, native plants, and invasive plant species removal, BlueFlax Design LLC will assess the ecological integrity of the land, helping you develop and organize your land management objectives. When the planning process is complete, our skilled and knowledgeable field crew can execute your project.


Services & Expertise:       

  • Bank stabilization and erosion control
  • Invasive species removal
  • Restoration of native plant communities
  • Regenerative pruning

Invasive Plant Species Management

Ecosystems on Cape Cod and around the world are threatened by the introduction of invasive (aggressively-spreading, non-native) species; flora and fauna that are not naturally occurring in local ecological communities and which are most often spread by human activities. Invasive species can disrupt natural processes, threaten the well-being of native species and their habitats, and reduce biodiversity.

BlueFlax Design LLC specializes in invasive plant species management and removal using methods developed from years of experience, up-to-date research, and knowledge in the field of restoration.